Transactis celebrates its 10th anniversary!


Last Wednesday October 3rd, Transactis celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Musée des Arts Forains with its team, clients and the CEO and chairman of its founding banks, Société Générale and La Banque Postale, Frédéric Oudéa and Rémy Weber.

This anniversary party was an opportunity to celebrate Transactis’s story, its successes regarding e-banking and payments as a whole and the commitment of all its staff members who contributed to this wonderful human trip.

The commitment of the top managers of both founding banks, their clear strategic guidelines, the engagement of banking businesses and the collective resilience against competitors and technological challenges and the diversity of cultures have been the key levers of this success.

Transactis celebrates its 10th anniversary!

The 10th anniversary of Transactis was also that of a long lasting partnership based on a deep sense of trust, between Société Générale and La Banque Postale in the Payments field.

Our warmest thanks to Société Générale, La Banque Postale, our other clients and partners for trusting us!

Apple Pay: successful launch for Societe Generale, Boursorama and Transactis’s teams!


Backed by SOPRA, Transactis worked respectively with Societe Generale and Boursorama to roll out the Apple Pay solution (the world’s first co-badging solution – Visa and CB). The project (scoping, solution design and implementation) kicked off in mid-2016. It led to the launch of Apple Pay in February 2018, another success story to add to Transactis’s long list of successes since it was established. Congratulations to all the teams on this new success.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay stands out above all by virtue of its inventiveness: it is an innovative solution in the payment instruments industry, based on card services (real-time clearing and settlement with banks). It was also a complex project: a solution constructed as the customer's need matured, which required the close involvement of Transactis's teams and impeccable adaptability and responsiveness.

The Apple Project is singular because it gathers a wide variety of clients having their own specificities: Apple, Idemia, Stet, Visa. Hundreds of players have been mobilized after the signature of the confidentiality agreement.

Apple pay has been successfully launched without incidents for all ( SG, APPLE, etc.). It opens Transactis’s way to new opportunities on the market.

Press release

Press release - 29 March 2018


Transactis logo

La Défense, 29 March 2018

Transactis continues its growth into payments and opens up to the market

Having welcomed Banque Française du Commerce de l’Océan Indien (BFCOI) to its e-banking platform, following on from Boursorama (a 100% digital bank) in late 2016, Transactis continues to grow and now carries out IT processing for 13 banks and other financial institutions.

At the same time, the new SEPA payment flow management warehouse, a platform owned jointly by Societe Generale and La Banque Postale, is being rolled out.

With these commercial and operational successes under its belt, Transactis is beginning a new phase in its development by opening up to the market and proposing its e-banking and payment flow processing services to French and European financial institutions.

Transactis presents its Instant Payment offering to European financial institutions

In this context, the company attended the Pay Forum on 19 March and presented its Instant Payment solution, which offers processing services compliant with this new scheme and value-added services. Modern and scalable, its solution is compatible with the many use cases anticipated for this new payment method (P2P, C2B, B2C or B2B).

Instant Payment will have to function in real time but also be capable of handling large volumes. Major investments are therefore needed to meet these criteria. It is in the interests of banks and financial institutions to use an Instant Payment solution in service processing mode if they want to keep their costs competitive in the context of PSD 2 and retain their ability to develop new banking offerings.

This is why Transactis is bringing an Instant Payment platform to the market, a solution designed in partnership with a software publisher, Sopra Banking Software. In France, Societe Generale, the Crédit du Nord Group, La Banque Postale and Boursorama have already opted to use it.

With this offering, Transactis aims to attract new customers and become a leading player in the payments market.

Transactis rolls out a new brand identity to promote its growth

To coincide with its entry into the market, Transactis has presented its new brand identity which embodies both the increased scope of its services and its transformation. This new logo reflects the company’s desire to engage in a development dynamic and to support its existing and future customers.

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