Our customers

For 10 years, we have been cultivating a lasting relationship of trust with our banking customers and making sure we are there to support them at the crucial moments in their growth.


Philippe Marquetty, Head of Payment Products, French Retail Banking, Societe Generale

Transactis helped us with the launch of Apple Pay, a technical but highly strategic venture for the bank.
Its staff helped to construct the world's very first co-badged Apple payment solution. After the dynamic crypto card, this was a second first!
A small tap for the iPhone, but a giant leap for mobile payment...

Laurence Makatcheff, Head of Payment Products and Operations, La Banque Postale

Transactis has worked with us for several years now across our entire e-banking development programme.
And with the DALI project, our collaboration on this wide-ranging partnership enables us to build, together, a standardised, multi-brand payment platform.
Personally, and in my role with La Banque Postale, I'm delighted to have taken part in this great adventure which will create a new production model for the payment industry.

Nicole Viviand, Head of Operations, Boursorama

Boursorama's migration to the Transactis e-banking platform, completed in late 2016, was a huge project for Boursorama.
Thanks to the engagement and professionalism of Transactis's teams, we met the scheduled deadlines, which was no mean feat. Since then, our teams have collaborated superbly and in a climate of mutual trust.
We also appreciate Transactis's teams' ability to always find solutions for their customers – it's in their DNA!

Laurence De Schuyteneer, Head of Payments, Crédit du Nord

In the last two years, we've been working hard on developing new e-banking offerings for Crédit du Nord.
We were delighted with the expertise and responsiveness of Transactis's teams, thanks to which we successfully launched, in less than one year, new cards (Visa Platinum, Mastercard Business Executive, dynamic crypto card), new tools for our customers (Self-Service Card for our digital tools, new services at our ATMs) and for our network (roll-out of a new merchant contracts management tool).

Our partners

To realise its ambitions, Transactis forges strong and lasting partnerships with leading companies.

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Bernard Ramé, Head of payment product strategy, Sopra Banking Software

We're pleased that Transactis chose our software packages for Instant Payments. Thanks to their technical and banking expertise, the Transactis teams were able to use this software to build an operational platform to process the Instant Payments of multiple banks in a very short time with a high level of security.

Gérard Tchakgarian, Chairman, Galitt

For Galitt, Transactis is more than just a customer; it sets the e-banking standard for successful mass payment projects. Transactis honoured its technical and financial commitments. At Galitt, we're proud that we contributed to the birth of Transactis and to continue to support the company as it implements its development plan and offers more services, to serve a wider range of customers.

In June 2016, Transactis entered into a partnership with Sopra Banking Software, a leading payment software publisher in Europe, using its Sopra Banking Platform for Payments (SBPP) package.

This new and innovative partnership, the only one of its kind in Europe, meets three aims:

  • To build a shared electronic payment management system meeting new market needs, such as Instant Payment and Sepamail services,
  • To share the high investment costs in this sector, including regulatory and security costs,
  • To pool the technical costs of managing wire transfer and direct debit payment transactions using an e-banking-type model.
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