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FORCES Steering and Support Team Manager

Technical sheet

Fontenay-sous-Bois (94120)

Purpose of the Position

Every day, on behalf of all SG Group entities, filtering applications process hundreds of thousands of transactions worth hundreds of billions of euros, and scores of customer databases.

In the context of systemic risk management, the teams in the FORCES division are split between two sites: Val de Fontenay and Lille.

You will be working in FORCES integration IT project management, coordinating with the filtering business teams. Reporting to the SG Group legal and compliance divisions, the FORCES team is responsible for:

*the technical infrastructures hosting the filtering application solutions and its ecosystem

*application solutions

*relations with software publishers

*keeping the platforms in this area in service 24/7

Level of qualifications/Experience

*Level of qualifications: 5 years of higher education

*5 years of experience including 3 in the integration of software packages meeting strict service requirements

*At least 10 years of experience in a complex IT environment

*Solid experience of project management

*Experience of managing a team of at least 3 resources

*Mandatory experience in “filtering sanctions/embargoes” and/or FircoSoft products

*Knowledge of the SWIFT interbank clearing and settlement system and means of payment would be a plus

*Experience in sensitive and resilient architectures with respect to load, performance and backup testing would be a plus

*A desire to work in a rewarding and dynamic environment

Description of the main responsibilities

As FORCES Steering and Support Team Manager, you report to the FORCES Manager.

Working with your manager and the other FORCES team managers (Business and IT Project Management), you are collectively responsible for:

*completing the projects assigned to Transactis, on budget and within the deadlines determined with the business;

*identifying, proposing and implementing solutions and organisational structures which on the one hand ensure that the solution is sustainable and robust (resilience, obsolescence, performance, monitoring, etc.) and on the other guarantee the level of service 24/7 365 days a year (management of skills, backup, on-call workers, etc.)

It is your role to get the members of the Steering and Support team to buy into the major business challenges and collective goals set with managers, and to transparently report the information needed to managers so that they may monitor activity.

As the FORCES Steering and Support Team Manager you:

*supervise and closely monitor the activity of resources split between the Val de Fontenay and Lille sites. You manage the staffing of the team and oversee the skills development and the proper integration of new resources

*monitor the budget within your scope (monthly reporting, BIP, DMP, quotes, etc.)

*are the business line's key contact for production issues and issues relating to the management of other environments

*are GTS's key contact for work on the FORCES platform (whether on the initiative of Transactis or GTS) and coordinate technical migration projects

*are responsible for ensuring that the various modules deployed in production to meet bank filtering needs are always ready for use, and implement the checks and alerts required to ensure that incidents are anticipated and detected as early as possible

*handle cross-functional requests (cross-functional projects, audits, document management, processes, etc.)

*help to draw up a coherent roadmap for presentation to and validation by business line management teams

*distribute projects and ongoing and corrective maintenance, and organise the team's activity. You are responsible for budget monitoring and the definition of the timetable. You are responsible for the progress of projects and for undertakings made to business line management teams within your scope

*help to create a climate of trust within your team and a participatory approach to encourage the emergence of creative ideas and achieve often very ambitious goals and project objectives

*contribute to service continuity across the applications assigned to you. In particular, you must share the zero fault culture instincts within the team and help them detect potential problems in order to anticipate incidents. You make sure that the team's resources are trained to help ensure greater contribution to on-call work

*ensure adherence to the performance and resilience criteria required by the criticality of the applications

*check that quality and coding standards are met both in documents and in developments and scripting

*ensure that intra-team delivery and operations processes are respected and improved if necessary. You make operational changes to the code of the various application modules to keep them under control operationally and so that you are able to help teams de-bug in a crisis situation

*contact the software package publisher, monitor upgrades and the roadmap of software packages, and monitor in particular the intermediate and major release notes with respect to corrections of serious or blocking defects, regardless of whether or not SG has had these issues or requested these corrections

FORCES Steering and Support Team Manager

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