Job offer

Disputes and Merchant Activity Project Manager

Technical sheet

Schiltigheim (67447)

Purpose of the Position

In the Merchant scope, the division has particular responsibility for the following application domains:

*Merchant database, handling the management of merchant contracts and reports

*Processing of transactions and merchant reports: discounts, booking, publication of services including regulatory statements and reports

*Handling of payment acquisition disputes

*Management of merchant activity

Level of qualifications/Experience

Level of qualifications: 3/4 years of higher education desirable

Description of the main responsibilities

You are responsible for:

*Carrying out IT project management of the division's “Disputes and Merchant Activity” team's applications: handling of payment acquisition disputes and management of the merchants activity

*Managing projects in this application field, reporting to the team manager

*Providing support to business project management in the same scope

The main responsibilities of IT project management are:

*Reviewing specifications

*Drafting specifications documents

*Producing design and development deliverables

*Unit and assembly tests

*Support for users, approvers and business and IT project management

*Updating documents relating to this work

*Executing production launch through to stabilisation after production launch

*Monitoring the implementation of work

*Taking responsibility for the everyday operation of applications and managing production incidents

*Managing IT projects, by producing reports and managing relations with Transactis's internal and external customers, keeping to the budget and the schedule and meeting quality standards for deliverables

Support for business project management entails contributing to:

*Reviewing banks' needs assessments

*Drafting requirements and functional specifications

*Supporting approvers to approve test cases

*The functional configuration of application components

*Maintaining the quality of service of applications

The work outlined above must be carried out:

*taking account of the standards and procedures in effect at TRANSACTIS

*taking account of the priorities and rules determined by the team manager

*in accordance with the stated costs and lead times

Disputes and Merchant Activity Project Manager

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